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FLOWzzz Dual USB Wall Charger – a Exceptional Product for a Reasonable Price

Having more space is a terrific feeling. Especially more USB charging space! I never ever really thought too much about having to use different chargers for each and every smart device until our family went on a weekend trip. It ended up being a battle of the USB. The “Charge Wars.” Everyone wanting to charge […]

The Distinct Bluetooth Network Adapter GHS2.

Bluetooth technology is a cordless communications system meant to change the cables linking numerous different kinds of gadgets, from smart phones, keyboards and computer mice. But what if your laptop or computer doesn’t have Bluetooth? The GHS2 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter is the response, and a very small one at that! Just plug the Bluetooth […]

CamKix 4 in 1 Samsung Galaxy S III S3 Electronic Camera Lens Kit

I’ve had my Samsung Galaxy S 3 for some time now and have never ever truly used it to take many pictures before. Recently though I became in worm farming, well more black soldier fly larvae farming, and started taking photos to document the growth of the larvae. The basic video camera just didn’t give […]

The Versatile PowerSafe Solar Emergency Radio

The PowerSafe solar emergency radio has an FM stereo that easily pulls in only those frequencies that are audible from your geographic area. It’s also a great jobsite radio for monitoring your favorite teams or staying informed on breaking news or monitoring a serious weather system. Watch Solar Emergency Radio Review Video Now The cool […]

Some Security Gadgets That Attract Us

Security in the home and in business has turn out to be a primary consideration worldwide, but electronic security gadgets are an attraction that has been for most of us, a part of our lives given that we were kids! We had been and nevertheless are, captivated by the large screen and TV heroes, who […]