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Cool Gadgets for Men: 10 Wonderful Father’s Day Gadgets

Father’s Day is approaching, and you have to seek for a lot of cool stuff for men if you want to find that one present that will tickle your dad pink with delight. So without additional ado, here is a quick list of the ten ideal gifts for dad this coming Father’s Day: 1.Giant Fluffy […]

Global Smart Phone Holder – an Amazing Versatile Holder at a Awesome Price

High Quality Mobile phone Mount That is Affordable and Will Increase Driving Safety, Organization and Pleasure. This might sound strange, particularly when talking about something as simple as a Cellular phone Mount, however what a fantastic sensation it is when you finally come across something that not just provides you a high-quality inexpensive item, but […]

The Perfect Magnetic Secret GPS Tracking Device Case and Stash Container

This superior quality magnet case is ideal for GL200, GL300 (MicroTracker II, MicroTracker III, Spark Nano, Enduro Pro) GPS tracking devices, and will work with most any small GPS tracker. The ultra-strong round base magnet makes sure that your high-priced tracker will remain anchored to any magnetic surface on the bottom or any other obscured […]

Bluetooth Stereo Headset by Chirotronix

It is so fantastic to be devoid of my ear bud wires! I like paying attention to music on my iPhone as well as on my iPod Touch. Wearing my ear buds was always a trouble. They would always get tangled. Also, I felt chained to my gadget and if I had to stand up […]

Silver Spy Pen Camera – an Incredible Piece of Innovation for a Good Rate

Shocked … that was precisely what I felt when I saw and heard about the Spy Pen Camera for the first time. It’s outstanding to stumble across something this unique, where there is a little hidden camera inside a pen, that you can hardly see the lens unless you are looking at it truly up […]

At Last, a Completely Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker That Can Go Anywhere

If you are anything like me, you enjoy taking your music everywhere– even the shower. Well, I have finally found a shower speaker that in fact delivers on its pledge of being waterproof. It’s a wonderful feeling when you finally come across something that not only offers you a top quality inexpensive product, but also […]

Spy Mini Camera Pen Best HD Hidden Surveillance Spy Gadget Pen.

I'm a person that loves gizmos, and this spy pen from U-Guard Security Products® is amazing! The hidden pin hole cam is built-in in the pen, and is ideal for hidden recording audio and video, along with taking images. I wanted to tape-record business meetings to play back later for reference and this mini hidden […]

Sleek USB Car Adapter Gets the Job Done for You!

This may seem like a first world problem but keeping more than one device doesn’t always require you to have as much adapters and consume all the sockets so all your gadgets charge all at once. In fact, the multiple-port chargers are widely offered in the market today but that alone doesn’t fit the criteria […]

Looking for the Best Method to Protect Your Eye Glasses?

Do you want your device to constantly be kept in the very best condition with no scratches and with a smudge free screen area? Microfibre cloths have actually been made specifically with the most up to date technologies in mind. They provide budget friendly and effective cleaning items for your smart phones and other gadgets. […]