Cell Phone Mount for Car Windshield

I definitely was frustrated of holding my mobile in my lap while driving or getting it in the cup holder, in which both situations resulted in my phone falling and thus looking for it. I bought a few cradles to solve this problem but all of them weren't able to hold my phone steady enough, or even worse, the holder itself fell or couldn't stay attached to the surface I placed it on.

Finally I came up with this premium mount, which is made with quality plastic I could feel and see as soon as I got it out of the package; it features a simple mechanism with a spring that makes it functional and difficult to break down; well pasted silicon grids that strongly holds your phone without damaging it, and a great and simple again suction mechanism that just stuck perfectly on my windshield without ever falling or moving. Besides, it meets ROHS requirements which makes me feel at ease, as I usually leave my car on open parking lots.

This mount has made my driving experience a lot more pleasing, being able to drive safely and access my phone for quick tasks without feeling that I'm taking my eyes away from the road. Undoubtedly, I would recommend this mount for its functionality and quality, I definitely loved it.

Cell Phone Mount for Car Windshield
Enhance Your Safety and Driving Experience Today!
• Anxious for not being able to quickly use your phone while driving?
    • Frustrated of other holding devices dropping your phone or not being steady enough?
    • Are you searching for a device to firmly hold your mobile wherever you place it?

Marrgon Brings to You its New Cell Phone Cradle!    
• Designed to stick firmly to your car windshield or virtually any other flat surface.
  • Helps keep your eyes on the road while using your GPS.
    • Its silicon lined non-slip grid holds securely your phone.
    • Revolutionary mechanism that makes it simple to place or remove.
    • fits devices up to 3.5 in wide.

In Marrgon, we are confident of our product's durability, that's why we offer you a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing flaws.
But we are not sure about how long this low price will last. So be quick to click the Buy Button Now!

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