iPhone 6 Qi Wireless Charging Case Gaining Top Reviews From Amazon Shoppers

The flagship item from electronic accessory start-up Touch Charge has recently made its entry to Amazon US. With lots of advanced functions, this iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Case assures an extremely practical charging option on the go for iPhone 6 users. Considering how well the wireless charging works on an iPhone utilizing this cover, it has been priced affordably at $60. Very soon, a variety of promotional campaigns will be launched by Touch Charge offering discounts to the retail price.

Since the launch of iPhone 6, the users of this high-end cell phones have felt the need for a reliable battery charger that can wirelessly charge their gadgets no matter where they are. At the same time, like any other phone user, many iPhone 6 users search for an elegant safety cover for their expensive phones. Touch Charge has created their Qi standard wireless charging case to satisfy both these requirements within a convenient, tough, and reasonably priced item.

Touch Charge has created their luxury iPhone safety case to resolve the typical issues iPhone 6 users face with their battery chargers. Firstly, it consists of a built-in receiver to guarantee that wireless charging starts within seconds from clipping the case on the phones. The item's innovative lightning adapter design offers fast access to the lightning port without any need to get rid of the cover or the receivers. With its dimension of 5.4 inches x 2.6 inches x 0.3 inches, this charging case clips on easily and firmly to iPhones, and keeps them safe from external damages. These iPhone 6 charging cases work with all types of adapters and earphones and are by far the very best wireless charging solutions for iPhone 6 users that can be discovered on the marketplace today.

Learn more at amazon.com/Wireless-Charging-Compatible-Install-Lightning/dp/B00WMQRMRO/iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Case/

Sleek and streamlined iPhone 6 wireless charging case by Touch Charge
- Live a cable free lifestyle with this Qi Enabled case.
- Start charging wirelessly moments after clipping the case on your iPhone.
- The unique and simple to remove lightning connector provides quick and easy access to your lightning port.
- No more removing covers or receivers to access your lightning port.
- Perfect for those seeking for a sleek wireless charging option for their iPhone 6.
- The case is highly durable and thin offering great protection to your device.
- Now available on Amazon.com

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