iPhone 6 Luxury Wireless Charging Case Receiving Superb Reviews From Amazon.com Shoppers

Touch Charge has recently launched an innovative iPhone 6 Qi enabled case that will definitely make life more comfy for thousands of iPhone 6 users all over the world. A start-up company dedicated to providing top quality electronic accessories, Touch Charge has put their heart and soul into developing this item. You can order one of these Touch Charge iPhone 6 wireless mobile chargers on Amazon.com for $60. They come in two colours, black and white, with a mat and sleek finish respectively.

The traditional idea of wired chargers is commonly found inadequate for the changing way of life these days's hectic mobile users. Today's iPhone users need a flexible charging device that will keep their phones charged throughout the day even when they are travelling. The iPhone 6 wireless charging case from Touch Charge fits the bill perfectly with a wide variety of appealing features. Apart from offering instant, wireless charging, this accessory also functions as a protective case for the expensive iPhone 6.

The wireless charging case from Touch Charge is equipped with an integrated receiver that charges the iPhone wirelessly and instantly. The lightning connector design is another leading feature of the product that makes it a breeze to access the lightning port by getting rid of the adapter. Most notably, this can be done without removing the covers or the receivers. The design of the protective case perfectly complements the beauty and sleekness of the iPhone 6. The case has a length, width, and height of 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 inches respectively. These charging cases can be used with all kinds of adaptors and headphones readily available in the market.

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Sleek and streamlined iPhone 6 wireless charging case by Touch Charge
- Live a cable free lifestyle with this wireless charging case.
- Start charging wirelessly moments after clipping the case on your iPhone.
- The distinct and simple to remove lightning connector provides quick and easy access to your lightning port.
- No more removing covers or receivers to access your lightning port.
- Perfect for those seeking for a sleek wireless charging option for their iPhone 6.
- The case is and thin offering fantastic protection to your device.
- Now available on Amazon.com

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