Electronic Gadgets USB Voice Recorder, the Finest Spy Digital Free Sound Recorder

Electronics Gadget Voice Recorder just recently launched the business's flagship item, the USB Voice Recorder Flash Drive. This compact device provides easy plug and play capability and 140 hours of high quality audio recording.

The brand-new, portable audio recorder can be utilized to record lectures, individual notes, grocery lists, and more. With a sleek, elegant design and silver casing, the USB spy devices can be utilized by any individual, anywhere. Whether for individual use or as a gift, the brand-new item from Electronics Gadget Voice Recorder provides benefit and ease of use.

With a 8GB capacity and 192 kbps taping speed, the brand-new device provides a robust storage device and dictaphone in one package. The storage device perfectly saves documents and files, while the recorder can catch audio from up to 15 feet away. Electronics Gadget Voice Recorder provides a one year guarantee for the USB Voice Recorder.

FOR ALL YOUR AUDIO VOICE RECORDING NEEDS This small audio sound recorder device will certainly be your crucial buddy. Perfect for the busy student who can not miss a note. All your classes can easily be transferred to your computer system.

-Capture discussions
-Meeting, discussion
-Company arrangements
-and any crucial discussion
-Never ever miss exactly what the boss stated due to slow note taking
-Now you can inconspicuously record any crucial and directly upload it at work
-Protect yourself with audio voice proof of whatever discussion you might have had
-Looks much like USB drive so nobody will certainly know you are sound recording yourself if you do not desire them to know

The Most Recent FEATURES:
* Plain silver design
* ultra slim
* weighs 0.8 ounces
* looks clever
* This Ultra mini portable sound recording device
* Dual capability
* digital audio recorder and 8GB USB flash drive in the one device
* Samsung quality
* This best digital audio recorder design without any markings plain design no giveaway logo can be used as a concealed spy voice recorder
* Ultra delicate microphone
* Long hours of crisp and clear recording Samsung quality. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS:
* 8 GB Capability
* WAV Recording Format
* 192kbps taping speed
* Battery- Rechargeable long life lithium ion battery Systems
* Windows2000/XP/Vista 7/Mac.
* 140 hours Recording time per battery charge:15 hours
* Charge time 2 – 3 Hours
* Size- 6.5 cm x 2.2 cm x 0.9 cm.
* Recording distance- Up to 15

Students, Physicians, People learning music, learning a brand-new language. Your memory might not remember all information. Those who need a little portable recording device.

Get yours now at amazon.com/Voice-Recorder-Recording-Sound-voice-Dictaphone/dp/BOOQKOP5B8/audio recorder/

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