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Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

I found this selfie on Amazon last week. After I received the selfie, I found that it is just the same as what it was described on Amazon. I tried to use it during my family day last weekend and it worked fantastic. It is compatible for most smartphone with anti-shake and Remote Shooting function. […]

Smartphone Mount for Car Windshield

I definitely was tired of holding my smartphone in my lap while driving or placing it in the cup holder, in which both cases resulted in my phone falling and thus looking for it. I bought a few cradles to solve this problem but all of them weren't able to hold my phone steady enough, […]

Electronic Gadgets USB Voice Recorder, the Finest Spy Digital Free Sound Recorder

Electronics Gadget Voice Recorder just recently launched the business's flagship item, the USB Voice Recorder Flash Drive. This compact device provides easy plug and play capability and 140 hours of high quality audio recording. The brand-new, portable audio recorder can be utilized to record lectures, individual notes, grocery lists, and more. With a sleek, elegant […]

iPhone 6 Wallet Case- to Date the Wise Alternative

Handy Convenience, the Jax iPhone 6 Wallet Case is an Excellent Multi-tasker. With our busy lifestyles, it is a fantastic feeling when you discover a solution just like the Jax wallet case that's multipurpose, and makes our lives simpler, and safer. Some time ago I had my purse taken, including my iPhone, while I was […]

iPhone 6 Luxury Wireless Charging Case Receiving Superb Reviews From Shoppers

Touch Charge has recently launched an innovative iPhone 6 Qi enabled case that will definitely make life more comfy for thousands of iPhone 6 users all over the world. A start-up company dedicated to providing top quality electronic accessories, Touch Charge has put their heart and soul into developing this item. You can order one […]

Touch Charge Makes Wireless Charging Efficient and Cost Effective With White Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Touch Charge has recently announced the grand arrival of their brand-new White Qi Wireless Charging Pad. This item has been created to make life easier for cellphone users that choose to charge their smart phones wirelessly. The company claims that their new item will completely redefine the way advanced mobile devices are charged by their […]

Universal Qi Wireless Charging Pad From Touch Charge Is a Huge Hit With Customers

Qi Wireless Charging Pad from Touch Charge is quickly ending up being the talk-of-the-town among sophisticated smart phone users. This wireless charging accessory was launched just recently on and has already received success on this enormous online shopping platform. This product has been created with the utmost care to satisfy all wireless charging needs […]

Selfie Stick by Cazbe – the Very Best Apple as Well as Samsung Compatible Readily Available

This might sound silly, particularly when discussing something as simple as a selfie stick, but what a terrific sensation it is when you finally come across something that ticks all the boxes, and offers you a top quality inexpensive product If you are anything like me, then I am quite sure you are intrigued by […]

iPhone 6 Qi Wireless Charging Case Gaining Top Reviews From Amazon Shoppers

The flagship item from electronic accessory start-up Touch Charge has recently made its entry to Amazon US. With lots of advanced functions, this iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Case assures an extremely practical charging option on the go for iPhone 6 users. Considering how well the wireless charging works on an iPhone utilizing this cover, it […]

Cell Phone Mount for Car Windshield

I definitely was frustrated of holding my mobile in my lap while driving or getting it in the cup holder, in which both situations resulted in my phone falling and thus looking for it. I bought a few cradles to solve this problem but all of them weren't able to hold my phone steady enough, […]