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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

@hm Customer Guide left_arrow

The Customer Guide will answer many of your questions and assist you in completing the Quotation Form for your new website

@hm Quotation Form left_arrow

The Quotation Form is designed to gather the basic information on your requirements as part of the quotation process

How do I get a quotation?
Once you have made contact and provided your basic design requirements such as the number of pages to be included, required features and any options, I will be able to provide a quotation virtually straight away.

To assist you, I have provided a Customer Guide and associated Quotation Form to give guidance on what should be considered when designing your site (very useful!)


What are your rates/charges?
The cost for designing your website is obviously dependent on a number of variables such as the number of included pages, images, links and of course the complexity of your vision for the site. As a very rough guide, a basic site would cost approximately Aud$1200-$2500. Additional pages would need to be negotiated depending on your expectations, complexity or other requirements you may have for your site.

The competitive maintenance and support rates below can be negotiated depending on your needs and what I can provide. Chargeable time would be accumulative (I would not be charging for a 5 min task!) and I would always let you know of any applicable charges prior to commencement of a project:

Website Maintenance & IT Support Services: Aud$110.00/hour (onsite first hour $165.00) + GST

You can Contact Me (02 9436 0620) to find out how I can maintain your site or to provide value added services allowing you to focus on what is really important - Your Business!


You can pay by Cash, Cheque, Direct Bank Deposit as per details in the supplied invoice.


How long does will it take to Design my Website?
A standard 4 page website can completed and ready for publishing within 14 days depending on the availability of source material supplied by the client (images, text, brochures and other material)

To assist in the design and review process, I have allocated space on my own web service to allow online review of your design so that you can see what your website will look like from a clients prospective. When you have purchased own Domain and Hosting , the site will be transferred to your own website address and you are up and running

Note: You can either purchase your own Domain Name and designated Hosting provider or I can purchase them on your behalf and invoice as part of the overal Website design project. I can of course assist you with this component as I am a registered reseller for Domains & Hosting services.


Why choose @hm Website Design?
Well if you are reading this, then for one I have done my job - I design effective website's from scratch based on your personal requirements and add at lot of value added services to make it easier for you; such as Domain and Hosting registration and I can also act as your very own IT support person.

My mission is to provide quality, affordable solutions for small businesses and individuals and to navigate them as economically as possible to their online success (Refer: Testimonials)

As customer satisfaction is paramount to my business model, I do not operate on any set business hours (I may take Christmas day off!). You can contact me at any time to support your business and to provide solutions for your project

All of my sites are optimised so they will be indexed by the major internet search engines such as Google or Yahoo on your behalf. It usually takes between 3-6 weeks before a new sites appears in search engines such as Google or Yahoo due to the nature of how each internet search engine updates their directory listings


Why have a custom website design?
A web designer is an extension to your business and should reflect your businesses image and ideals. A poorly designed website may cost your business or company money, as it could be the first point of contact for a prospective client

The simplest of ideas can be molded into a site that increases your client base, and improves the service you offer to your clients. @hm Website Designs produce custom website designs from scratch, does not use templates and creates a website based on your current and future requirements. With the ever increasing number of sites on the 'net you need to ensure that your site is as unique as possible. This is archived by creating your own customised website 'look and feel' (see my Portfolio page for some examples)

To add to the uniqueness of your site there are a whole range of features you may want to include in your website. You may have a certain colour scheme in mind or wish to have a particular background on each page, or perhaps you might like to base your site around your logo or company emblem. Whatever your requirements, a custom website design can be created to meet your needs. You can refer to the Customer Guide for some ideas and suggestions


What information do you need to get started?
You can provide any printed material you have on your business including contact information, logo's branding, photos, brochures, fact sheets, specification sheets, letterhead, business card and any other information you may want incorporated into your website design. You can provide this at my initial "free" consultation meeting and I do recommended reviewing the Customer Guide and Quotation Form to give you a few ideas to get things started


Can you help me improve an existing site?
Yes! I can redesign or add content to an existing site or optimise to ensure it is well placed within the major Search Engines. Of course sometimes it is better to have a new site to refresh your business image and revitalise your clients attention depending on your current site design


What other services do you provide?
I also offer IT support services and Webmaster services to small businesses or individuals in the following areas:

•  Webmaster - If your site was designed by me or another Website design company, I can operate as your "Webmaster". This is the role of the person responsible for the development, updating and on-going maintenance of your website.

•  Domain & Hosting Reseller - You can purchase Domain Names and Hosting Packages securely from from my website

•  Email Marketing Solutions - Hilltop-Mail Email Marketing solution is a powerful yet uniquely simple Do-it-yourself (DIY) online email marketing solution that provides you with hands-on management of your email marketing. You can create, send and track your first email marketing campaign in just 5 minutes! Why not try it out with the Free 30 Day Trial : Hilltop-Mail Website

•  IT Support - As an individual, you do not usually have access to your own IT support person to ensure that your PC is regulary checked for optimum performance and has the latest Microsoft security patches installed. I can arrange to visit you home or business and give your Windows based PC a "check-up" to make sure it is updated and if required install many free utilites such as Virus and Ad Ware protection, new Email account set-up or wireless networks etc.

•  Technical Liaison - I can assist you to communicate and manage your technology requirements with other companies or individuals acting as your project manager

•  Internet Research - You may require someone to conduct and correlate internet research to provide reference material on a particular topic. This includes the gathering of images or graphic designs to be used in your promotional material

Please contact me to discuss your businesses requirements and I will endeavour to locate, uncover or dig under very large rocks to identify the most appropriate solution


What help/backup support will I receive?
Comprehensive support on all aspects of Website design, site editing, traffic reports and scheduled maintenance are all available by contacting me directly:

Phone: (02) 9436 0620
Mobile/SMS: 0402 306 680

NB. As you probably do not have standard working hours (who does these days...), neither do I, so you can contact me at any time for support or assistance


Can I update my own site?
You will have the option of purchasing software which will allow you to update your site/content from your home PC which is simple to use and is just like using a word processor.

Of course I am always here to support you if you require assistance with more intricate design components or to act as your Webmaster being responsible for the complete update and maintenance of your website if required


What is a "Domain" Name and its' availability?
A "Domain" name is your address on the web. Just as your street address allows people to find your house your domain name allows people to find your home page (the first page of your internet site). An example of a domain name is Where "www" is the world wide web; "yourbusinessname" is the name of your business, and "" means that you are a business registered in Australia

If a particular domain name has already been registered by another business then you will have to try another name

You can use click the following link to check on the availability of a particular domain name that you would like to register (e.g. "" or ""):
Domain Name registration check/purchase

Tip: enter a name and select register and it will let you know if it has already been taken and NO! you cannot have my domain name ""...

  • The cost of a "" Domain name
    is approximately Aud$20/yr )
  • The cost of a "" Domain name
    is approximately Aud$50/2 yrs

It generally takes 48 hours from the purchase of your new domain and hosting provider before the web space is available for use


What is website "Hosting"?
Web page "Hosting" allows your web site to be seen on the internet or world wide web. Hosting packages are in effect rented space on a server. After purchasing your Domain Name, you will need hosting to be able to display your website on the internet. Payment for hosting packages is usually paid on an annual basis and you will be notified by email as and when it is due for renewal

The cost of hosting can vary depending on your needs with an annual cost of approximately Aud$100-$300/Yr to have your site hosted (depending on the content)

I also provide you with very competative pricing for the Hosting cost of your website as I am an authorised reseller of Domain Names and Hosting Packages: Hosting Packages


What is Search Engine Optimisation? (SEO)
Do you own a website, that never appears in the main search engines such as Google or Yahoo? Would you like a higher search engine positioning? Well that is where web site optimisation comes in

The reason many sites do not appear in search engines (except through paid submissions) is due to problems associated with the basic design of the site or if embedded optimisation methods have not been adopted. @hm website Designs are created using ethical design methods and don't use any techniques that are considered unethical which could harm your chances of a good ranking

Some of this design issues are:

  • Slow image loading (your website is slow to load on screen)
  • Inappropriate or missing keywords (what search words people would use to find your website) and website content information which is used by some search engines to index your website
  • Web page content is not rich in your keywords
  • Poor navigation system used to link the pages of your website
  • Few or no referring links from other website's or online business directories to increase search engine page rankings

@hm Website Designs are designed for good positioning on Google and Yahoo as these are the two most important search engine that currently power the majority of internet searches. How did you get to my site for example, was it through one of these search engine?


How do I get a higher search engine ranking?
As well as having a well optimised and designed website, these are some of the current known facts that will assist your website in obtaining better page rankings in search engines:-

  • The number of external links to your website (referrals)
  • Quality content & regular updates
  • Addition of new web pages or content
  • Good menu or navigation system with updated links
  • Page factors such as your Title & Meta tags
    (embedded keywords etc)

Ensure that you website designer is aware of these issues and incorporates the appropriate optimisation methods throughout your website design


Do I need a website tune-up
Is your website appearing in the top search engines? Does it have a good search engine page ranking? If you have answered 'No' to either of the above then a website tune up may be of interest to you

By visiting your current website and analysing the website page ranking as it stands today, I can investigate and formulate a list of changes and recommendations that if implemented will help your website attain a better page ranking. If you would like a quotation for any design work or alterations based on this recommendation, I would be happy to do so. Please contact me and provide your current website details for review and quotation